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Program & Speakers Lineup

Keynote Speakers
Sam Cox photo - 1653485641653.jpg

Samuel J. Cox

Senior Executive Service
Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy (Retired)

Director, Naval History and Heritage Command

Curator of the Navy



Continuously Updated

Featured Speakers
400px-USNavyMuseumLogo square.jpg

Charles Swift


National Museum of the US Navy



Guy J. Nasuti

Historian, MA

US Naval History & Heritage Command,  Histories & Archives Division 


travis 319017987_10109145126894249_26355

Travis Bickford

Head of Programming and Communications

Veterans History Project

Library of Congress


stan fisher pix 1666363175231.jpeg

Stan Fisher

USN Commander, PhD, 
Military Deputy,

Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences
US Naval Academy


cdr powles.jpg

Derek Powles

Royal Navy Commander, Assistant Naval Attaché

British Naval Staff, US Embassy Washington, DC




David Winkler

USN Commander (Retired)


Naval Historical Foundation (Retired)

Historian & Author 

ECSAA Historical Symposium Moderator



Bradley A. Krueger

Archeologist, MA, RPA

US Naval History & Heritage Command,  Collection Management Division 



Charles Niemeyer

Former Director, PhD

Marine Corps History Division



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