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Charles Swift


National Museum of the US Navy

Mr. Charles Swift was named Director of the National Museum of the United States Navy and Program Manager for the museum’s Campus Program Office in May 2023. Prior to that, he served as Project Coordinator for the museum’s Campus Program Office beginning in 2020. He started his career with the Navy in 2015 as Managing Director of the United States Naval Academy Museum in Annapolis, MD. Mr. Swift has over thirty years of experience in the public history field. He has worked as a research historian for the Bostonian Society, as a historian for the National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers under contract to the National Register of Historic Places, and as a cultural resources consultant with National Parks and Conservation Association.   Prior to joining the Naval Academy Museum he served as executive director of the Gibson House Museum in Boston’s Back Bay. Mr. Swift is a native of Des Moines, IA. He holds a B.A. in History and Political Science from the University of Iowa, an M.A. in History from Northeastern University, and has done additional coursework in history and material culture at the University of Delaware, where he held a University Competitive Fellowship. He has written a weekly history column for the Boston Tab, essays for books and magazines, and reviews for academic journals including the Journal of American History and The Public Historian.  

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