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ECSAA is conducting it’s annual membership meeting by paper and electronic ballot this year since we did not have a face to face Convention for an in person meeting.  Please use either the postcard included in the first class mailout about the 2023 convention and collection of artifacts,  the cutout included in your March issue of the CVE Piper, or use the form below to cast your ballot.  Members who are Life Members,  Regular Members, Associate Members or Progeny Members are eligible to vote.  Voting is now open and will conclude July 31, 2023.  All votes cast online by July 31st or by postcard ballot received at ECSAA by July 31st will be counted.  

Must be a voting ECSAA Member (Progeny, Regular or Associate)

Elect the following individuals to seats as Governor of ECSAA for the terms named (Vote on each individual separately.)

Oscar (Clay) Hathaway 2023 - 2026
Joyce Wilson (2023 - 2026)

As we plan for 2023 , the Governors request your input concerning our final convention for ECSAA to be held in Washington, DC in late August.

I am interested in attending the 2023 convention.

Thanks for submitting!

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