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2023 Historical Symposium & Final Convention Photo / Video / Content Gallery

Keep returing to this page to see new photos, videos and content contributed by attendees, and archived here.

The video production of the Historical Symposium, Memorial Service and final Banquet will be posted by mid September.

The content on this page may be used for personal and educational purposes only, with attribute as shown.  For commercial license, contact

ECSAA would love to collect and archive your photos or videos from the event, and add them to this Gallery.  To do so, please upload them into your cloud of choice and SHARE to and and we'll get back to you and take it from there. 

Also, if you see publications about the 2023 convention, please send a link to the publication to and so we can include them in the news links here.

Attribution for each section of content is shown at the top of the section

Attribution: Catherine Ryan Photo (c) 2023 ECSAA, All Rights Reserved.

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