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Escort Carrier Exhibits &

Memorial Locations

The following is a listing of where our Memorial Dollars are being spent to alert the public about our service to our Country. It is estimated that 2,000,000 people will view these displays per year. Memorialize & Honor a Hero: Make a Donation in Their Name to Support Historical Preservation.


Columbia River Maritime Museum

1792 Marine Drive

Astoria, OR


Museum of Science and Industry

57th Street and Lake Shore Drive

Chicago, IL


National Museum of the Pacific War

340 E Main St

Fredericksburg TX 78624


USS Hornet Museum

Pier 3, Alameda Point

(the former Alameda Naval Air Station)

Alameda, CA


National WWII Museum

945 Magazine Street

New Orleans, LA


Navy Museum

Naval Historical Center  Washington Navy Yard

901 M Street SE

Washington, DC


Vermilion County War Museum

Danville, IL


USS Lexington

Museum on the Bay

Corpus Christi, TX


Hampton Roads Naval Museum

143 Granby Street

Norfolk, VA

naval aviation.jpg

National Museum of Aviation

1750 Radford Blvd.

Pensacola, FL



Patriots Point Naval and Marine Museum

(USS Yorktown)

40 Patriot Point Road

Mt. Pleasant, SC

Contribute to a Museum.

ECSAA now has its own museums aboard two aircraft carriers which are now floating museums...USS Lexington and USS Hornet.  These ships have set aside compartments in which only CVE displays and memorabilia will be exhibited. Our "museums" on these ships will be visited by millions of people each year, and it is up to us to send these museums our "stuff" to display.

Clean out your attic and garage and shoe boxes. Open those musty old boxes where you have stored your Navy "stuff" and send it to one of these ships for display. Your name will be posted as a contributor to the museum. Do it now!


Charles "Rusty" Reustle

Director of Ops. & Exibits

USS Lexington

P.O. Box 23076

Corpus Christi, TX 78403-3076

David Hanson

Curatorial Collections Mgr. 

San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum

910 North Harbor Drive

San Diego, CA 92101

Alan McKean

Director of Development

USS Hornet

P.O.Box 460

Alameda, CA 94501

Here's the kind of "stuff" needed for our museums:

Books/diaries/manuals/letters/Navy correspondence - ship logs/photographs - any Boot Camp material - WWII posters - campaign ribbons and medals - uniforms/caps/clothing/peacoats/foul weather gear/watch caps - rating badges - ID cards/dog tags - ship newspaper/ Holiday meal menu/plan of the day/department roster/ship roster - life preservers - crimshaw/handywork/knots - flags and pennants - pilot and airman wings - flight helmets/flight suits - flight deck shirts and caps - plane instruments/LSO paddles - hammock/sea bag/ditty bag - steel helmet - dye markers/parachute - manuevering board/compass/flight log - maps and charts - commissioning book - radioman earphones/message blanks/messages - phonograph records - binoculars - mess trays and silverware, plates, cups and glasses...and anything else you can think of.

Why leave your Navy"stuff" in boxes for someone else to throw away some day?

Send it to one of our own special CVE Museums for millions of the current and future generations to view and enjoy!

Ship It Now

Ship it Now
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